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Thinking of starting a profitable business. This training is for You!

Amazing learning coming up in April! 

Now it is worth becoming a member of IMN. Finland's no.1 Change Consultant Kari Nurmi, will do a Mastermind program, in April-June 2019.

This program will give you all the knowledge and tools to build a base for Your profitable Business. In case you are planning to start Your business or grow Your existing one, this one is for You!

The Mastermind program is FREE for all IMN Members and the cost is 397€ for others. 

Also, we have a Spectacular Workshop coming up 11. April.

Carita Nyberg, a respected and well-known author, and business trainer will do a workshop for IMN members. The topic is how to get Your message through at Work.

Want to know how to get your boss and other workers to listen to you. And how to make a difference. 

Mar 13, 2019 20:034 months ago

IMN kicks off the Amazing Fall season

Summer is over. Let's celebrate!

New IMN Helsinki season started with great meetings. Members lunch & learn the topic in Aug. was content marketing. We learned how to set up an effective content marketing strategy and plan, and implement it without LOTS of work. As IMN member you can find the materials in our Blueprint section on this member site. 

Then Adam Strong from the UK visited us in Sept evening meeting. And shared advice on how to develop an effective sales pitch and increase your sales 10x. Video coming up soon on the member video library.

Next IMN Lunch & learn 21.9 at 11.00-13.00. Topic Facebook advertising & best practices on how to improve your strategy to maximize the advertising budget. The place is Trattoria Sogno in Töölö. Lunch cost 10€. 

IMN Crash course to raise Funding from Business Angels
Reidar Wasenius, CEO FIBAN - Finnish Business angels association.

Important not only for entrepreneurs but also for you who invest or plan to invest in small or startup companies! Place is Radisson Blu Royal. 

See you there!

More info, email or text +358409635120


Sep 12, 2018 18:4910 months ago

Summer is here but we are still not on Vacation

IMN Lunch & Learn. The topic is EMPLOYEES,
by Julia Kuznetsova, Risk Manager & consult at Deloitte

  • Learn how to hire and motivate employees.
  • How to control risks with employee agreements.
  • How to run a successful team.

Friday 8 June 2018 at 11.00-13.00 

IMN Lunch & Learn meetings only for members and new member prospects. 
We study IMN Blueprint, providing us the most important basic Business skill. 

Trattoria Sogno Cabinet, Töölöntorinkatu 2, Helsinki

Lunch Buffet 10€

IMN Lunch & Learn meetings only for members and new member prospects. 

To sign up send us an email here ASAP.

Only 20 seats available. First, come - first served!



May 30, 2018 08:421 year ago

April - May will be months for learning Important Business Skills

Amazing IMN meetings coming up April -May

Speak to Succeed 
Mika Järvinen, Kuudes Aisti

Wednesday 25 April 18.30

Learn how to speak on stage to a group of people about your product & service
Wednesday 25 April at 18.30 guests/ 17.45 members.
Radisson Blu Royal Conferences. 

IMN Lunch & Learn 
IMN Blueprint 

Friday 11 May 2018 at 11.00-13.00

Friday 8 June 2018 at 11.00-13.00 

IMN Lunch & Learn meetings only for members and new member prospects. 
We study IMN Blueprint and they of the April-June are the most important basic Business skill. 
Trattoria Sogno Cabinet, Töölöntorinkatu 2, Helsinki

Lunch Buffet 10€



Apr 14, 2018 12:561 year ago

Memorable Spring 2018 you do not want to miss

IMN spring 2018 continues with Exciting Speakers and Learning topics

28th March Linnéa Kempe, Sweden will be speaking at the IMN Helsinki Club. 

Linnea's is Next Generation Motivational Speaker. She will talk about how to employ and motivate the Next generation workers. And build a successful organization.

Below a video introduction to Linnea

The event takes place 28 March 18.30 at Radisson Blu Royal, Runeberginkatu 2, Helsinki FIN. 

Sign up here for the event: or text us +358409635120


Feb 3, 2018 11:461 year ago

IMN Christmas Lunch at Mamma Rosa 15.12.2017 11.00


IMN Christmas Lunch will take place at Mamma Rosa Friday 15.12.2017 11.00-13.00

Everyone welcome! 

Special 3 course Christmas Lunch costs 31-38€ depending on what you choose. 

Check out the menu here!

We will enjoy a great blueprint presentation and amazing networking. 

See you there.

IMN Helsinki Club

more info email: finlandclub@intelligentmillionairesnetwork.com

or call +358409635120




Dec 9, 2017 14:381 year ago

IMN meeting coming up 26.10 at 18:30

Antti Paussu Winning mindset in leadership - IMN meeting

IMN Helsinki 26.10.2017 at 18.30 (members 17:30)
Radisson Blu Royal Conference, Kamppi

At this event you will learn:

?? How to set your mind into winning mode

?? Why the best leaders succeed repeatedly

?? Quick hacks to success

?? How to prioritise better

?? What are the most common mistakes in leadership and how to avoid them

Antti has been working for Unilever, Philips and Trainers’ House as business/sales leader. In Philips he was one of the key players to establish Nordic organisation.15 years in Finnish and/or Nordic mgmt teams.

Antti is also a serial entrepreneur: founder/co-founder in Upseller Finland, Satulinna Resort and Myyntijohdon personal trainer. Chairman of the Board in medical distributor Steripolar.

He is a father of two kids. Loves to play tennis.

Ten year experience as senior consultant. Typical tasks: change/fine-tune people’s attitudes and ways of working regarding sales, sales leadership, sales systematics. 

Antti studied in Helsinki School of Economics, Master of Science, major in marketing.

Why to JOIN IMN Helsinki

?? Learn from the best. Leading Guru's key note speeches, Every month.

?? You are part of worldwide network IMN Clubs. You can attend any Club meeting in any country.

?? Network with Top Experts and Entrepreneurs in Finland and other countries.

?? Find new global business opportunities, or expand your business, in 5 different continents.

Oct 13, 2017 10:131 year ago

IMN lunch meetings October - December 2017

IMN Helsinki lunch meeting dates released

Our very successful series of Member Lunch meetings continue Oct 13 at 11.00-13.00. 

As the cabinet in Restaurant Sogno, our Lunch meeting place is only for 20 people, we are seeking for a new location that can accomodate all of us. Any suggestions with welcome with a private cabinet and great lunch!

At the lunch meetings we network, eat and study the Blueprint. Each member gets a change to present in the future meetings.

IMN Lunch meetings (all Fridays):

October 13 at 11.00-13.00.

November  10 at 11.00-13.00

December 15.11. 11.00 -13.00

See you there.

Last minute notices, please add me to your whatsapp & Facebook for messages !

phone +358409635120/ Jari Kaitera


Sep 29, 2017 11:581 year ago

Next IMN Helsinki event coming up soon

Next IMN Helsinki event coming up the first week of June

You can already register on our event, we will announce the date soon. 

Click here to register, you can cancel anytime with no oblications. 


Apr 29, 2017 10:192 years ago

Terhi Majasalmi speaking at IMN Club Helsinki 26 April

Terhi Majasalmi, The Wealth Coach of Finland is speaking at IMN Helsinki on APril 26. 

Terhi has built her own Wealth from zero to fortune on her own in the last 10 years. Terhi is a successful real estate investor, has been on several TV shows, she has published books, she has her own online wealth academy, and she has frequent articles in one of the most read Finnish newspapers Ilta-Sanomat.

In her speech at the IMN Helsinki next Wednesday night, Terhi will tell her story and the most important things she has learned on growing your personal wealth during years. And how you can implement her ideas to reach your own financial freedom.

Event is taking place at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki Runeberginkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki

You are welcome to join the event for free. Register here

Apr 24, 2017 16:252 years ago

JT in Helsinki: Branding your business for Ultimate Growth

The world famous JT Foxx, from Florida, USA is visiting our IMN Meeting at HIlton Airport on 16.3.2017 at 19.00. 

This event is open for everyone, even if you have visited the IMN Helsinki Club before! Just register to guarantee your seat, they are going fast... 

Speaker JT Foxx is the ultimate Millionaire Underdog originally from Canada. He moved to US with only few dollars in his poket. After that he has grown to be a successful serial entrepreneur with companies, brands and business interests spanning the globe. He is one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the world's #1 wealth coach as seen and heard on television, and in radio and print. JT is also a media and TV personality.

What is most important to JT Foxx though are his philanthropic endeavors with youth entrepreneurs and kids with cancer. He is currently working on a new business reality show and his widely anticipated new book Millionaire Underdog, against all odds.

At this IMN event you will learn: 

- How to brand your business to huge increase of sales

- Why are American companies so good at Branding, and why do Finnish companies Suck at it.

- What are the best kept secrets of the Branding you and your compant. Yes, he is really going to let us know those. 

- How to get started NOW!

- What are the typical mistakes people are doing, how to avoid them

Normally You can visit The IMN Club meetings for free ONLY once. This time we got bigger room with only 100 seats. 

Please register HERE NOW, the 100 seats will go fast. 

Meeting takes place at HILTON AIRPORT, Lentäjänkuja 1, near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. 



Mar 12, 2017 11:512 years ago

Marko Pyhäjärvi: Boost up your sales with Facebook and Google marketing

Next IMN Event:Next IMN Event: Marko Pyhäjärvi: Boost up your sales with Facebook and Google marketing

Wednesday 1.3.2017 18:30

Marko is THE best Guru of internet marketing and coach in Finland. All his strategies and advice has been proven in real life in his own business. During the years, Marko has run several internet shops and online coaching services.

Marko’s free webinars and guidebooks have during the years, have reached tens of thousands of people.

At this event you will learn: 

- How to do online marketing that increases sales

- What are the best kept secrets of the Online marketing Professionals. Yes, he is really going to let us know those. 

- How to start Facebook & Google marking with a small budged

- What are the typical mistakes done by marketers

- What about small company? Is Facebook suitable for increasing sales?

- Believe or not, SOME -marketing is waste of your money and time.

Register here for the 1.3. 18:30 event!


Why to JOIN IMN Helsinki

- Learn from the best. Leading Expert of Different Subjects giving Key Note speeches, every month. 

- You are part of worldwide network IMN ClubS. You can attend any Club meeting in any country. 

- Network with Top Experts and Entrepeneurs in Finland and Globally.

- Find new global business opportunities, or expand your business, in 5 different continents. 

More info of IMN Global network


See you at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Runeberginkatu 2, Helsinki

Jan 27, 2017 10:122 years ago

Joonas Orava: Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing

Next IMN Event: Thursday 26.1.2017 18:30

Speaker Joonas Orava, author of book Osta-Vuokraa- Vaurastu.

He is also a succesfull investor and wealth manager at Tapiola Bank. Radisson Blu Roayl Helsinki.

At this event you will learn:

- how to easily start investing

- how to find best properties to buy & rent

- most common mistakes, how to avoid them

- real life stories & tips

Register here for the event

See you at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Runeberginkatu 2, Helsinki

Jan 19, 2017 20:532 years ago