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Club Owner Jari Kaitera

Successful Digital Training Software entrepreneur. International coach & speaker.

Forerunner in Digitalisation, Online training & coaching, SaaS, International B2C & B2B software business, Inbound marketing, Raising seed & venture capital.

Jari Founded TWID 2009. The company made a pivot and decision to focus 100% on Digital training software platforms 2014. Now after 4 years, the market is growing fast. After working with over 200 international companies, TWID is one of the forerunners in that market and works with the best companies worldwide.

Jari ran international sales & marketing for QPR Software until 2001, that grew from 5 people to a Public company. The focus is Fast growth. Trackway was selected by Deloitte as 2nd fastest growing firm in Rising star category between years 2003- 2006. 2009 business was sold to Stora Enso Digital Solutions. TWID was born from discoveries and ideas that began then.