More sales with Chatbot marketing | IMNhelsinki

The Future of Marketing. Driving sales with Messenger Chatbots

In this session You will learn:

- How to drive sales with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram

- Why Messenger Marketing is 7794% more effective than Email Marketing 

- What is sales funnels and how can combined with Chatbots they can accelerate your company's growth

- Why you shouldn't sell your core product and what are the ways to maximise your average check

- Case study with 500% Return on Investment

- and more...


Timur Kulbaev is a growth hacker and co-founder of Rebound Mobile and Rebound Crypto. Timur's first marketing agency was launched with 4800€ of initial capital and generated 1 978 000 € in sales over the course of two years. Going through the struggles of cold sales, Timur invested 82 000€ in self-education to teach himself the best practices of inbound marketing and discovered that messenger marketing is going to be the next big thing in marketing in the next 4-6 years for generating warm leads and driving sales. With his team behind Rebound Crypto, Timur has helped blockchain companies raise over $30M in funding using Messenger Marketing. 

Who is this for: 

- B2B and B2C companies at the growth stage

- Online and Offline businesses

- SaaS, Product, Service companies

- CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Directors, Growth Hackers and those working cross-functionally from them