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International Mastermind Network - IMN 

Welcome to the IMN network, the global and local network whose intention is to get you the tools, support, and connections to Grow Your Thinking, Knowledge and Your business.

IMN is a group of people that are creating true wealth in their own lives. A group that you want to be in if true wealth is what you want to achieve.

IMN Network was founded by Multimillionaire JT Foxx, who has built himself several successful businesses. IMN gives you access to a global network of growth-minded individuals, who are interested in building successful businesses and true wealth!

IMN Helsinki is currently the only IMN club in Finland and is owned by Finnish entrepreneurs Jari Kaitera and Kari Nurmi and Mika Valli.

What we offer?

1. Local and global community and network of growth-minded colleagues

2. Unique learning opportunities. We have the best speakers and coaches

3. We’ll teach you the best strategies to build your business, your wealth, and how to improve your health.

Why should you become a member and part of our group?

  • Become an action taker!
  • Speed up your learning
  • Adopt a growth mindset from the teachings of our true professionals
  • No man is an island! Networking is crucial for a successful entrepreneur. 

Stop daydreaming, take action!  Join today!